Creatio customers are able to choose a suitable deployment option
depending on their business needs and internal policies.


Security and safety of cloud data centers

The Creatio application is hosted on world’s leading cloud infrastructure platforms — Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. For additional security, Creatio ensures redundancy and backups for all infrastructure components. Collaboration with several providers ensures disaster tolerance and negates risks tied to reliance on a single provider.


Certified platforms worldwide

The data centers are located all over the world to ensure the best software performance. Customers can choose the closest data centers to ensure maximum productivity.

Amazon Web Services
N. Virginia, USA
Amazon Web Services
Dublin, Ireland
Microsoft Azure
Washington, USA
Microsoft Azure
Ontario, Canada
Microsoft Azure
London, United Kingdom
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Sydney, Australia
Microsoft Azure
Tokyo, Japan

This approach also ensures compliance with the requirements of regional laws governing the protection of personal data. Authorized hosting providers provide the necessary level of data security, preventing unauthorized access to information stored in the cloud.


Horizontal scaling

To ensure the highest efficiency of Creatio cloud solutions, Creatio utilizes automated horizontal scaling mechanisms. Whenever user activity and workload reach specific threshold, new infrastructure elements can be enabled and configured.


On-site deployment: full control over the system and IT infrastructure

When deploying Creatio on their own servers, customers receive full control and flexibility of the application. On-site deployment ensures direct access to the database, setting up complex integrations, using own certificates and security settings, configuring personal permissions, individual reserve and update settings, etc.

Access rights

Deploying Creatio on-site enables more flexible operational cost management thanks to the usage of already existing server capacities as well as already purchased OS and DBMS licenses or open-source alternatives.