and reliability

Creatio is able to process large volumes of data and support
uptime in case of overload without performance loss.


Horizontal scaling and fault tolerance

Horizontal scaling of all subsystems ensures top Creatio performance in large-scale projects. It enables smooth operation regardless of the number of users and supports seamless updating of OS components and other software.


The Creatio platform has been developed taking into consideration fault tolerance of all its modules. Each service, external component, DBMS, used product or framework is required to support clustering with the capability of modifying the production environment on the fly.


Proven performance within enterprises

Creatio successfully processes large volumes of data and handles a heavy load. Creatio ensures high operational speed of the platform in large organizations with thousands of active users and millions of database records thanks to regular load tests, which allow for quick identification and elimination of any operational problem. The required operation capacity is ensured with the help of integrations with monitoring systems, core component scaling and automation of application service deployment processes.