Cloud-based CRM Software

With the rapid development of CRM software, cloud-based solutions took the lead on the market.

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Benefits of CRM in the cloud

Cloud-based CRM systems deliver automated business processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead nurturing to opportunity management, and continued account maintenance. Best-in-class cloud CRM solutions enable users to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing companies to efficiently manage customer interactions throughout the entire customer journey.

No need to deploy servers

Unlike on-site applications that are hosted on the in-house servers of the company, the actual database of cloud CRM solution is hosted remotely which means you don’t have to buy costly hardware or hire extra staff – all you need is a steady internet connection and a web-browser.

Reduction of operational costs

Cloud CRM systems require significantly less involvement of IT staff enabling business owners to spend less money on IT infrastructure maintenance. The responsibility for the health of a CRM in cloud lies on the software vendor, whose obligation is to provide all the necessary updates in time, fix the bugs in case they appear, in a word, to make amendments ensuring smooth software operation.

Mobile access

The flexibility of CRM in cloud makes the software available whenever you need it. Moreover, you can also have access to cloud CRM software from any device: advanced cloud-based CRM systems have mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. They fully synchronize with desktop version of the system to drive productivity without being tied up to your laptop or PC.

Online control

If a CRM is deployed on cloud, there is an ability to monitor the system operation online and immediately react in case any problems appear.

High level of security

The best cloud CRM applications provide you the ability to safely store valuable information on the remote datacenter. The chance of unauthorized access is eliminated thanks to the superior level of security. Host servers of CRM in cloud apply additional security measures and cutting-edge technology to monitor the safety of your data. Moreover, all the data stored in cloud is backed up regularly, thus decreasing the accidental loss of data due to some technical issues. The CRM vendor takes the majority of the risks for data security and safety.


Cloud CRM solutions provide the ability to virtually instantly scale up or down depending on the specific needs of the company, which allows buyer to pay only for the resources used at a particular time. Functionality of software products is now so wide that complex usage of the software can lead to the waste of time for unnecessary processes.

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Points to consider while choosing Cloud CRM

  • Price

    The price matters, especially when it comes to small-sized companies. Cloud CRM vendors usually offer pricing model that supposes monthly subscription. The costs include constant updates, and technical support and maintenance, which significantly minimizes money spent for IT staff in future.

  • Business goals

    Determine what functionality you need to meet your business targets and choose the system that meets you requirements.

  • Necessity to install third-party apps

    Check if the system has all the required tools to manage the basic needs, as for example tools to manage communications via email, phone and chat. There is no doubt that it’s much more convenient to have access to all important tools from a single interface, not switching between multiple applications.

  • Quality of technical support

    The smooth software operation doesn’t depend only on the configuration, but on the responsiveness and professionalism of technical support.

  • Vendor strength and reputation

    Check the reviews of vendor’s customers and the recent reports of the most reputable analysts. In the reviews, you will be able to see what was expected, and what customers got eventually, how this influenced their business in terms of sales volume and productivity. Analysts’ reports will provide you insights to compare the top vendors and check if the vendor is able to meet the exact requirements of your business.

Cloud-based Creatio CRM

Creatio is a powerful automation solution meant to align all the processes related to marketing, sales and customer service on a single platform. The vendor provides three flagship products that can be used both together and separately, which enables businesses to buy exactly the functionality it requires to meet the business goals as well as align marketing, sales and service processes on a single platform. Creatio provides a lot of powerful features for business processes automation which are similar for every product that include:

Business process management

Manage all types of business processes, both structured and unstructured ones, with Creatio. The system contains pre-built best practice processes, and business process designer has pre-configured elements for users to create their own custom processes as well. Dynamic Case Management helps to manage unstructured processes, enabling to select the best path to achieve the required results faster. With drag’n’drop tools, you can easily change stages and steps as well as add or delete the elements with no effort.

360-degree customer view

Effectively manage the data of your customers, leads and opportunities with Creatio cloud CRM. Database stores all the account and contact information in a single place. Smart data scientist enriches the profiles of your customers with the data from the open sources. All the history of customer interactions that entails orders, calls, messages and complaints is stored in the customer profile as well, eliminating the necessity to search for the required information in several different places.

Collaboration tools

The system enables its users to communicate with customers and within the team right from the app. Creatio allows for collaborating via multiple channels including phone and email. The system will notify you on the most important updates, latest deals and projects with the help of enterprise social network (ESN). Thanks to the integration with PBX system, users can receive and make calls directly from the system, and integration with MS Outlook provides tools to manage your contacts, opportunities and leads from the email box, even without logging in to the system.

Knowledge management

Creatio provides a knowledge base, a library that contains all the important guidelines, scripts and documents for new and current employees. Users may also use knowledge base to share ideas and comments.

Document flow automation

The software contains specific tools to manage different types of documents, including several built-in templates. The system records all the history of document approvals and chronology of activities for each document. What is more, Creatio allows for setting the relationship between documents and quickly switch from one to another.

Integration capabilities

Creatio has pre-built integrations with MS Outlook, MS Exchange, PBX telephony and Google services. However, thanks to the open configuration, the system may be integrated with almost anything.

Off-the-shelf mobile application

Ready-to-use mobile application enables users to access all the important data no matter where they are. The app can be used both offline and online, and regardless of the mode you choose, the required information will be accessible.

Marketing in cloud CRM


CRM tools help the marketing department work faster with the following features:

  • Customer database segmentation

Creatio segmentation wizard enables users to segment the database based on various parameters that include the history of customer interactions, interests, needs, budget, etc. Users can create data selections of any complexity to achieve more personalized approach to their customers. The system allows users to create both dynamic and static groups using filters.

  • Marketing campaign automation

Thanks to intuitive visual campaign designer of Creatio, users can create multichannel marketing campaigns. Creatio system gives the ability to set specific conditions for passing between the campaign stages, allowing to foresee all possible scenarios of customer behavior. The progress is easy to control in real-time mode, and users can immediately change campaign logic.

  • Lead generation and distribution

Creatio Marketing provides its users with advanced analytic tools that enable to identify the most effective marketing channels. Users may easily assess the efficiency of lead generation sources with the help of dashboards and target their attention on the most effective ones to optimize existing and future campaigns.

  • Email marketing tools

Enjoy countless opportunities to launch email marketing campaigns. Marketing Creatio enables to send bulk emails to multiple recipients with one click with the help of the integration with the top-notch email service providers – Elastic and UniOne. Moreover, users can easily track responses, click rates and analyze the overall email marketing campaign efficiency.

  • Event management

Event management in Creatio Marketing requires significantly less efforts than in other marketing automation solutions. Smart system will help users to set deadlines for every stage and track the in-time completion of each step. Managers can easily assign tasks to the entire team or to each marketing agent separately, plan event budget, set dates and locations, and track event-related responses. Progressive analytic tools allow for deep analytics of event efficiency.

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Sales in cloud CRM


Creatio’s cloud-based sales software will help to take your sales to a brand new level. Upgrade your sales department with the following key features:

  • Lead management

With Creatio cloud sales CRM, it is much easier to acquire and track leads. Users can instantly qualify leads depending on their readiness to sale, which enables your sales reps to work only with the sales ready leads. The system allows to easily assign the lead to the relevant agent, basing on various factors that include geography, budget and industry.

  • Sales forecasting tools

With Creatio’s powerful analytic tools, you may accurately forecast the sales volume and compare indicators across periods. This allows for assessing the probability of meeting sales quotas and sales team efficiency.

  • Opportunity management

The system stores the whole opportunity history and guides the users through the most efficient actions to turn opportunity into customer. Having all the data in one place and completing the necessary actions step-by-step significantly increase the chances of sales manager to successfully close the deal.

  • Field force automation

Create an individual schedule for every sales rep, monitor the visits, view locations and analyze the overall performance based on this data.

Service in cloud CRM


Achieve better customer experience with the following features:

  • Contact center automation

Service Creatio gives multiple opportunities for contact center management with the ability to manage cases across various communication channels. Supervisor can analyze employees’ performance tracking their daily activities, manage agents’ workload and take part in some activities. Customer service agents can share information via ESN, manage queues taking into account priorities, and follow up his/her own performance.

  • Case management

Enjoy the advanced tools to manage cases, which are stored in a single part of the software. Agents can classify the cases in incidents, service requests and advisory requests. Creatio service will help you to efficiently manage each case, enabling to set case deadlines and monitor in-time completion. The system notifies on any important events, making sure customer support delivers the excellent customer service according to SLA standards. Extensive analytic tools allow to track the efficiency of case resolution and helps to identify the bottlenecks. The system is also capable to automatically route cases to the most relevant agents based on the case context or team workload.

  • Service catalogue management

You can be sure that regardless of the complexity of your IT infrastructure, all your products and services will be stored in a unified database. With the service catalogue management feature, it will be easier to track customer’s subscriptions to various services, the dynamics of new service operations and regulate basic processes.

  • Service level management

You may register all types of agreements right in the system and formalize the terms of cooperation with both customers (SLA) and Service Desk units (OLA).

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We are inspired to create best-of-breed technologies for process-driven CRM

Creatio provides unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM (more details about What is a CRM) for sales, marketing, service to empower organizations to accelerate time-to-strategy execution. The beauty and the core value of Creatio products is the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love Creatio's engaging interface with a social look and feel, free from redundant information to keep them focused on what's relevant. Today, the company serves thousands of customers worldwide.

Creatio has been widely recognized by key industry analysts, receiving multiple awards.

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