Powerful and flexible platform capabilities allow for easy customization of Creatio code
to meet any specific business requirements.


Unlimited customization capabilities

The Creatio platform provides advanced customization capabilities. This enables the developers to create their own modules, as well as modify the existing functionality to meet any specific business requirements.

Visual designers, out-of-the-box templates and wizards help customize the application interface and business logic without any coding. This substantially accelerates the development process of a custom app.


Built-in development framework

The built-in development environment contains various tools that accelerate Creatio standard configuration tasks. Internal framework standards and limitations considerably simplify app development and deployment processes, as well as their customization, expansion and maintenance.


Package architecture

Configuring Creatio, developers can take advantage of packages and package managers.

Package architecture enables selecting entire functional blocks and organizing them as separate modules, as well as managing package hierarchy and versions. It helps to expand customization capabilities and easily transfer changes between development, testing and production environments. The same mechanism is applicable to the solutions on the Creatio Marketplace.


Open api and integration tools

Creatio provides a wide range of tools for integration with third-party systems and applications, which includes REST API support, OData protocol, SOAP services, OAuth authentication and LDAP protocols. Applying standard open protocols accelerates integration with different third-party and industry-specific systems.


Development in different IDE

For Creatio customization, developers can use any IDE that allows for working with projects in a local file system.

It essentially accelerates customization and makes the entire process more simple and straightforward thanks to the wide range of the IDE capabilities, plug-ins, applications and out-of-the-box integrations with different development tools, version control systems, etc.


CI/CD approaches

To ensure the highest quality of the developed solutions, Creatio utilizes continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) approaches. The command line interface (CLI) and other out-of-the-box tools enable project teams to build effective processes for the development, testing and delivery of ready-made solutions.